• breathwork •

breathe deep.


this work is for the brave.

the seekers. emancipators.

the big hearted. the curious. 

for the ones tired of old stories - the writers of new chapters.

dreamers • creators • givers • lovers

you name it. breathwork will meet you with grace & potency wherever you

find yourself. 


using a simple 3 part breath pattern as your anchor, allow the breath to take you deep within. explore & heal and discover new depths of being. breathwork is a deeply heart centered practice. it opens you, cleanses you & radiates seismic shifts from within.

sometimes it can feel like a welcome storm and other times like a blissful blooming.

there is room in the garden of your life for all that you are.


we can forget that often the most scorched earth can prove to be the most fertile ground to start anew.


claim your space, root & blossom. 

you are free.

"the readiness is all."

• 1:1 session •

• r e i k i •

reiki is a gentle but potent energy healing system that can be beneficial to anyone seeking true well-being. not just for the physical body but for the whole self, reiki treats the emotional & spiritual bodies as well, with tenderness & warmth. 


through a series of mindfully administered sacred hand placements, reiki helps clear energetic blockages

& releases stress + tension

from the body, mind & spirit, 

restoring our natural radiance.

safe and relaxing, reiki can be shared

with or without the use of touch.


reiki is a powerful healing force known to ease those suffering from chronic pain, poor digestion, lack of vitality, mental/emotional imbalances & all kinds of dis-ease. 

this energy work also helps many through heartache, times of stress, to process trauma and find grace within life's inevitable transitions. with its soothing, 

grounding & enlightening nature,

healing can take root and bloom.

“happiness can be found 

in the darkest of times,

if one only remembers

to turn on the light.”

• 1:1 session •

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