reiki healer [certified Usui level I&II w Andrea Frade]

breathworker [trained w David Elliot 

Luke SimonErin Telford • Patsy my dear crone]

hatha yoga teacher {certified 200hr @ Yandara Yoga, Baja}

Shakespearean • songbird • artist • nature worshipper

Savannah Green 

• coming home •

reiki has changed me. when i first became attuned to this universal healing power 2 years ago, i felt as if i had come out from under a heavy rock - like my truest self had been laying dormant in the dark, just waiting for the light of freedom. something shifted deep within.

i could breathe again.

which lead me to breathwork. which expanded my heart & mind with every inhalation. i felt true release. found sanctuary in the center of my being. became a kind of lighthouse - an instrument of spirit.


these profound healing practices have brought me to a new place of peace within myself that is ever evolving. my personal healing continues, the learning expands, the wisdom unfolds & magic blooms. 


it is my mission to hold sacred space for all beings who seek the sanctuary of returning home to their own sovereign selves. let me help to guide you on your journey with love, patience, tenderness, grace & wonder. together we can lovingly untangle you from any energy that is not your own, that is too heavy for your wings - we can set you f r e e.


whether you seek release, relaxation, rejuvenation, balance, clarity, forgiveness, freedom - whatever it is, there is nothing reiki, breathwork & meditation cannot help you with. each one is an invaluable tool we can all use along our healing path. i would be honored to be of service to share this grace with you or someone you love.

​© 2019 savannah green