healing •arts• space

moon • bloom is a vessel, a portal, a home of sorts & a vehicle. a place for self-discovery, nurturing presence, a haven for kindred souls, a healing oasis for the body, mind & spirit. a safe space. we have forgotten our temples. we have almost forsaken our true nature. but not here. this is a place that sparks healing connection - divine & earthly. where we blossom. here we can remember with childlike reverence & revitalize with ritual the sacredness of our lives. we come together to heal, to learn, to grow, to laugh, to dance, to sing, to share -

to live more vividly.

moon • bloom offers reiki, breathwork, meditation, moon gatherings, healing ceremony, tarot & such.


workshops, art gallery & happenings of all kinds for all kinds. 


love is the only way

& all that matters.

• • •

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